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Face-painting Service


Kids love to draw. What’s more fun than having your kids’ favourite patterns or cartoon figures drawn on their faces? Face-painting is an amazing way to entertain children at parties where they can dress up without making special preparation for costumes. Using their faces as canvas, face-painting is a great opportunity for kids to let loose of their creativity and imagination. They can get themselves temporary tattoos or patterns of any kind to match with the theme of the party. You kids can choose whatever pattern to be put on their faces, our face-painting artists will then draw or teach your children how to draw the pattern on their faces. Parents and kids can also share the joy of painting their faces and take pictures to make their big day even more memorable.


We only use high quality, non-toxic and skin-friendly paint which is easy to remove and will not do harm to your kids’ delicate skin. At Dream Party, we offer you professional service of face-painting in Hong Kong at affordable prices. Our talented team of face-painting professionals would be happy to help your kids transform into cartoon heroes or lovely animals with their amazing painting skills.


Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can brighten up your kids’ faces with our face-painting service. We are a leading party service company in Hong Kong offering a wide range of services including video and photography services as well as rental services of party equipment and props such as bouncy castles and ride-on toy cars.


Details of face-painting service fee is as follows:


$1200 per hour; $1800 for 2 hours


Your kids will love it. Just call us for arrangement now.


Air brush tattoo 01

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Face-painting 01

Face-painting 02

Face-painting 03

Face-painting 04

Face-painting 05

Face-painting 06

Face-painting 07

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